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Houses are very important for every person, and everyone wants to make it look as amazing as possible. safety is also a major concern for everyone these days. And what makes both these desires come true is a beautiful garden with a good quality fence to cover it up.

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We get that it is not something to be changed every now and then, and hence, you want the best fencing for your garden, well don’t worry, as Able Fence Doctor is here for you, covering over all your wishes regarding fencing. We operate in Australia and are your one stop solution to any kind of fencing problem.

Old Fence repair

If you are looking for someone to repair your old fence, simply contact us and we will make sure your old fence is as good as new.

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We are not like any other fencing companies because for us, you matter the most. We deal in all kinds of fencing, including: Timber, Color bond, Slat Panel, Chain wire, Aluminum, Picket Fence, Framed and Frameless Glass and Pool Fencing and Repairs. The services we provide are unparalleled and you get the highest possible standard.

New fencing

We have a wide range of preset designs of fences that you can choose from for your new fence, and that’s not it,

we specialize in custom fencing

as we specialize in custom fencing. This means that you can have the design of your fence that you wish for.

Other services!

We provide a range of services, which are not limited to fences. Able Fence Doctor is also the answer to your small retaining wall problems and needs. Not just that, we also provide help in all areas of repairing.

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How To Practice Electrical Safety At Work Places

How To Practice Electrical Safety At Work Places

Electricity is undeniably a basic necessity of our lives. Our daily life would feel as if it was trembling if either our electricity was cut down or our electrical appliances weren’t functioning properly. Electricity is widely used, from home to workplaces and from hospitals to factories. As useful as electricity is, it can be very dangerous and injurious. Many electrical devices can be pointed out at almost every workplace for example, air conditioners, electrical heaters, computers, ceiling fans, lights and camera. Keep in mind the safety measures that you must take in order to prevent electricity from putting you and your surroundings from are. Here’s a few ways how you can practice electrical safety at your workplace in order to avoid electrical contractor perth.

Electrical safety devices

Make sure all sources of electric and exposed circuits are guarded. For that, it is critical that you have fuse, circuit breaker and ground fault circuit interrupter connected to your devices. To prevent your devices from getting damaged as a result of excessive current use the electrical safety device; fuse. In a closed circuit fuse allows current but in case the amount of current increases beyond the maximum value it breaks the circuit. The only difference between circuit breaker and a fuse is that when a fuse detects excessive current not only does it open a circuit but while it’s at it; it gets destroyed. Circuit breaker does not stop functioning after doing it’s job. Places where there is possibility of water reaching your electrical wires and appliances like bathrooms, kitchen etc. use a ground fault circuit interrupter.

Guarding the electrical appliances

The most important practice that you have is to try your level best to keep the electrical appliances guarded. Caution all employees and your colleagues from heated appliances. A device being warm is normal, it could be because of the device being used too much but a hot device needs to be unplugged as soon as possible. Try not to use extensions to avoid heating up electrical devices. Water in no way should be spilled over electrical devices. Remember that a device may be water resistant but will hardly ever be waterproof.

Guarding the workers

An uncovered or an exposed wire can be injurious for anyone that may mistakenly come in contact with it. Educate your employees to report if they see a naked wire. In offices, it is very likely for wires to get tangled but, they chances are very less if you set them up decently. This will prevent them from getting exposed. Mixing of water and electricity makes your body a part of the circuit and the current travels through you which is why you feel a shock; yet another reason to keep water away from your appliances. Place fire extinguishers at various locations so that they are easily accessible in moments of emergency. It is advisable to schedule meetings in order to guide everyone at work about the fire exits and the necessary practices they need to perform to maintain a safe environment for everyone to work in.

The treatment of chestnut poles

The treatment of chestnut poles

Customers often ask us how they can treat the chestnut stake to make it last as long as possible.

However, before treating the chestnut pile, it is necessary to ascertain the quality of the product by knowing its origin: the best chestnut grows in an acid soil with a little rainy climate and has a slow growth thus determining an early formation of the heartwood compared to the sapwood which makes it very resistant.

Chestnut is also an essence that contains tannin , a substance that naturally protects it from insects, fungi and molds and it is preferable to use the barked pole to prevent these from nesting under the bark.

For this reason, chestnut is not treated with salt-based impregnating agents (impregnated in an autoclave) since they are neither absorbed in depth nor are they necessary: a good natural chestnut pile is already destined to last many years .

In particularly humid soils, however, there may be a need to further protect it to give the pole a few more years of life. In this case, we recommend burning : a totally ecological ancient technique that involves the carbonization of the tip and the area in contact with the ground to make it unattractive to mold, fungi and insects.

We do not recommend the use of tar , which in addition to being polluting, has a short duration on the pole. Instead, the use of cooked linseed oil is recommended : a few passes over the whole pile and left to dry to form a protective film. It is a process to be repeated periodically. Finally, it is possible, for aesthetic reasons, to use flatting varnish for wood to give the preferred shade to the pole.

How to plant fence posts for a fence?

How to plant fence posts for a fence?

If you have to create a fence and you don’t know how to proceed to avoid doing a bad job … trust our advice!

The support poles of a fence must be firmly fixed to the ground in order not to fall in case of strong wind and precipitation.

First of all, wear gloves and protective glasses to avoid hurting yourself. Bring all the material you need to the place where you need to erect the fence.

Create a hole in the ground using a manual drill. Usually the poles, both of wood and metal, already have a point to be fixed to the ground; if not, make sure that your wooden poles are pointed.

you may find it advantageous to use motor drills that homogeneously move the soil at the same depth, so that the fence poles can then be planted more easily and precisely.

Choose possibly chestnut poles or similar entities, beat them with a sturdy and heavy club, planting them up to at least 30 – 40 cm deep.

Prepare the job

Take two poles and provisionally fix them to the ground, at the distance you want, then fix a wire at both ends. Proceed to make the holes following the thread, if you want you can add gravel in the holes.

In case you need to use poles for a metal fence, then these will already be prepared with the right holes. If you want the poles to be fixed in a stable way, you can fix them with concrete in the holes. To make the operation go well, wet the holes with water.

Finish the poles with a chainsaw in order to eliminate the pieces of wood that have been slapped by the beating, which could cause the pole to weaken and facilitate the rotting process with infiltration of rainwater.

Tie the end of the pole firmly with a round of iron wire that helps prevent the phenomenon of cracking, i.e. the detachment of the wood fibers in the longitudinal direction.

How to build a wooden fence like a mountain one?

The wooden fence , typical of the mountains, is nothing more than a series of repeating modules. Choose cypress, juniper or aromatic cedar because they do not rot easily and are not affected by parasites.

The entire structure must be supported by the uprights, which are the main elements and require holes at least 50-60 cm deep. They must then be approximately 10 cm higher than the whole fence. While the distance of the fence from the ground is recommended to be 5 cm.

Secure the posts in the holes with concrete. While this dries, fix the slats to the crosspieces, using the wood screws and L-shaped supports, making sure they are at the same height. Do this for modules. To assemble the fence it would be better to be two people. Then mount the gate, making sure it is well aligned (use the spirit level). Mount the hinges on the uprights, taking care to make signs where the holes are made. You can choose whether to put a gate closing and opening mechanism. Once all the work is completed, remember to pass the impregnator.





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