Electricity is undeniably a basic necessity of our lives. Our daily life would feel as if it was trembling if either our electricity was cut down or our electrical appliances weren’t functioning properly. Electricity is widely used, from home to workplaces and from hospitals to factories. As useful as electricity is, it can be very dangerous and injurious. Many electrical devices can be pointed out at almost every workplace for example, air conditioners, electrical heaters, computers, ceiling fans, lights and camera. Keep in mind the safety measures that you must take in order to prevent electricity from putting you and your surroundings from are. Here’s a few ways how you can practice electrical safety at your workplace in order to avoid electrical contractor perth.

Electrical safety devices

Make sure all sources of electric and exposed circuits are guarded. For that, it is critical that you have fuse, circuit breaker and ground fault circuit interrupter connected to your devices. To prevent your devices from getting damaged as a result of excessive current use the electrical safety device; fuse. In a closed circuit fuse allows current but in case the amount of current increases beyond the maximum value it breaks the circuit. The only difference between circuit breaker and a fuse is that when a fuse detects excessive current not only does it open a circuit but while it’s at it; it gets destroyed. Circuit breaker does not stop functioning after doing it’s job. Places where there is possibility of water reaching your electrical wires and appliances like bathrooms, kitchen etc. use a ground fault circuit interrupter.

Guarding the electrical appliances

The most important practice that you have is to try your level best to keep the electrical appliances guarded. Caution all employees and your colleagues from heated appliances. A device being warm is normal, it could be because of the device being used too much but a hot device needs to be unplugged as soon as possible. Try not to use extensions to avoid heating up electrical devices. Water in no way should be spilled over electrical devices. Remember that a device may be water resistant but will hardly ever be waterproof.

Guarding the workers

An uncovered or an exposed wire can be injurious for anyone that may mistakenly come in contact with it. Educate your employees to report if they see a naked wire. In offices, it is very likely for wires to get tangled but, they chances are very less if you set them up decently. This will prevent them from getting exposed. Mixing of water and electricity makes your body a part of the circuit and the current travels through you which is why you feel a shock; yet another reason to keep water away from your appliances. Place fire extinguishers at various locations so that they are easily accessible in moments of emergency. It is advisable to schedule meetings in order to guide everyone at work about the fire exits and the necessary practices they need to perform to maintain a safe environment for everyone to work in.